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  • The New Boiler Song…

    2 June 2014

    So you think you need a boiler,
    Or a whole new system of heating,
    But there’s just one small, little spoiler –
    Your funds are ever depleting

    Well don’t give up, don’t despair!
    This problem is there for the beating,
    You can spread out the cost, nice and fair,
    With your local and trusty Tuke Heating

    Yes from just £18 pound every month,
    You can have your new heating system,
    And without going through all the bumf,
    Here are some benefits – we’ll list ’em…

    It’s cheaper than some boiler insurance,
    It should help you reduce heating bills,
    And with warranties filled with assurance,
    It’s the new boiler package that thrills!

    So if you’d like to get a free quote,
    Or just get yourself in the know,
    There’s just one thing you should note –
    And that’s the fine number below…
    0800 1412 080