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  • How can I pay for my boiler?

    16 May 2014

    Here at Tuke Heating, we make things simple for our customers. If you choose to replace your boiler or central heating system through us – you can pay by cash, cheque, debit or credit card and we also offer finance.

    Paying for my boiler on finance

    Here at Tuke Heating, we can offer you a finance package for your new boiler starting at just £18 a month.

    This means that for a monthly sum that works out less than some of the boiler insurance packages on the market, you can have yourself a brand new boiler with a 7 or even 10 year warranty. And what’s more – your new, energy efficient boiler should also bring your heating bills down – saving you even more money!

    So if you’re paying for an insurance policy on your old, not so energy efficient boiler and are sick of the inconvenience of breakdowns – getting a new boiler on finance though Tuke Heating might be the perfect and indeed cheaper option you simply can’t ignore.

    A breakdown of the finance APR and term options through Tuke Heating follows:


    Get in touch today for more details on 0800 1412 080

    What’s the best payment option for me?

    We are by no means experts in the fields of finance and credit. However, if you speak to or read articles by those that are – you may find that finance agreements/loans aren’t necessarily the best credit option when it comes to purchasing a boiler. As such, we’d recommend that anyone who is considering using a credit facility to purchase their new boiler does some relevant research.

    For example, the following article discusses the potential benefits to using a credit card to purchase your new boiler (providing you can pay off the balance), even if you have cash available:


    And the following article discusses the issue of when it is better to use a Credit Card than a Loan:


    Generally speaking then, some of the benefits to using a Credit Card when purchasing your new boiler could include the following:

    • Protection of your purchase under a combination of the Consumer Credit Act and the Consumer Credit Directive
    • The option to split the payment into more manageable monthly instalments, when using a credit card that offers 0% on purchases (providing the minimum payments are met)
    • The ability to increase your repayments whenever you like without penalty (unlike many loans)
    • Better interest rates than loans for smaller amounts (such as amounts of £3000)
    • Improved credit rating for Credit Card customers with good payment histories

    Of course, we are by no means qualified when it comes to advising on matters of finance or credit and any information presented here should not be interpreted as advice.

    We understand that a new boiler is an expensive purchase and as such, the only advice we would ever give is for you to research and/or seek advice from a professional as to what is the best payment option for you – and as always; make sure you thoroughly read any credit agreement before signing.